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Material Tracker was the brain child of a frustrated contractor knowing he was wasting money and time hauling material to and from far away construction sites.
Many times, there are closer project sites to access these materials. The construction industry doesn’t have a good tool to connect contractors, haulers and dump sites together… until now. Typically, jobs are on such thin margins that a 15 minute closer site to export or source material from would save $25 per load, now multiply that to a site that either has 200 loads coming in or going off the site…that’s $5,000 saved from one job site!
Very rarely do projects ever "balance" (meaning you have just the right amount of material on a construction site.) 90% of the time you’ll still end up short or long on material or spoils from foundation, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and site utility excavations. Material Tracker can alleviate this problem.
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