How It Works
It's very rare that a project site has the exact amount of dirt, topsoil, clay, stone, sand, etc. needed to complete a job. Most job sites are either long or short on these materials. Now there is a better way to match these needs. With Material Tracker you can list your material type, whether you are long or short, and your desired distance parameters. If a match is made, you will be automatically notified by email to make a connection to relocate or receive material.
When planning for your next project, Material Tracker lets you search listings to see potential material matches before you begin work on a site. Material Tracker is ready to help you make connections and start saving time and money on every project.
General Questions
Why should I use Material Tracker?
What type of materials am I allowed to list?
What type of materials are not allowed?
How can Material Tracker help me save time and money?
Can I add a material to the materials list?
What happens when I contact a listing?
How do I create a new listing?
How do I edit or delete a listing?
How long will my listing stay on the site?
Can I have multiple listings per project?
Can I advertise on Material Tracker?
How can I cancel my account?
Sign up for an account and start posting your long or short material needs right away.
Material Tracker will search though all of the listings within the site to see where there is a match.
After Material Tracker makes a connection, or you find what you need in a search, you can connect to make your deal.
Have more questions?
We're happy to answer any question you have about Material Tracker.
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